Capital Strategies Partners is an independent brokerage firm that acts as a Third Party Marketer platform specialised in identifying and selecting high value-added investment ideas in order to facilitate decision making for financial institutions. We have 20 years’ experience which means that we offer the best distribution service for financial products.




“ In investment and in life, risks can and should be taken. The most important thing is to honestly calibrate a balance of risk and return that suits you.”


Daniel Rubio



Our mission is to add value to management companies that want to access the deep goodwill that we have developed over the last 20 years in our markets, while offering investment proposals to help investors reach their risk and return targets.





CSP offers a wide range of investment ideas of management companies specialised per type of asset. We highlight the following.


Based in Madrid and with local offices in Lima, Lugano Lisbon, London and Uruguay we develop our skills as Third Party Marketer platform in Europe and Latin America


CSP seeks to provide solutions in two ways. First, we seek to provide fund managers a solution to start or increase their local presence and sales in territories.

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